The Exaltics - The Truth Remixes

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  • Robert Witschakowski's The Truth 2008-2013, released in March, gathered 11 tracks from EPs released in those five years of the title. It was a record of singular, high-definition techno and electro, whose sound design was as flawless as it was alien. It could explain why all the tracks on The Truth Remixes kick some dirt over Witschakowski's tunes, since polishing those pristine surfaces any more would be pointless. Ultradyne's remix of "Compressed Thoughts" is lit with violent modular noise that grinds against itself, sounding like he set the original on fire. A feature of The Exaltics' music is clear, rich bass stabs, and, as on "Compressed Thoughts," Gosub's version of "I.M.O.E.H." passes them through a muddy filter. Objekt also scales back "Journey To Jupiter" a bit—this time, the original's sprinting squelches are tuned out to create something more spacious and steady. Like most of these tracks, it grapples readily with the task of reinterpreting The Exaltics' material instead of settling for minor adjustments. (E.R.P.'s remix of "My Language" is somewhat guilty of this, good as it is.) Unexpectedly, Dopplereffekt's version of "Instinct" is the most propulsive of the lot. It reins in the glassy ambient tones of the original and sews on a simple, three-note bassline, turning it into a deadly techno-electro hybrid.
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      A1 My Language (E.R.P. Remix) A2 Compressed Thoughts (Ultradyne Remix) B1 I.M.O.E.H. (Gosub Turbidity Mix) B2 Journey To Jupiter (Objekt Remix) B3 Instinct (Dopplereffekt Hubble Constant Remodel)