Dynamo Dreesen, SVN & A Made Up Sound - Acido 20

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  • It's not hard to hear where Dynamo Dreesen and SVN end and A Made Up Sound begins on Acido 20, the trio's new collaborative EP. As Dreesvn, the first two have produced some of Acido's best records through the years, embodying the cult label's musical soul as well as anyone on the roster. (Dreesen, real name Andreas Krumm, founded the label in 2004.) A Made Up Sound, the pseudonym of Dave Huismans, is also an adventurous producer, but with a style that's sleeker, more bass-heavy and more directly in service of the dance floor. Depending on how you hear it, Acido 20 is Dreesvn tweaked for maximum impact or AMUS tinkered with by mad scientists. Either way, they combine excellently. You sense Huismans taking the lead on the A-side, a club cut engineered to set the floor to a boil. It tick-tocks like a spindly Dreesvn cut, but the drums are sharper and more densely packed. If previous records by the duo evoked the hissing between the trees depicted in their bucolic label art, then the trio here sounds like they're slicing through the underbrush. On the B-side, they're more contemplative and, improbably, more intense. Oppressive, pad-driven melodies dominate both tracks, and the steady pulse found on the lead track cowers into arrhythmia. Adventurous DJs will find a place for these nervy bursts, just as many have with the dubby, tightly wound house Dreesvn sprinkled across their previous records. The difference is, with one of the hardest-hitting productions in Acido's history on the A-side, they'll have a sure bet on hand for backup.
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