Spencer Parker - No More Silly Club Songs Vol. 1

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  • The title of Spencer Parker's first EP for Rekids in four years, No More Silly Club Songs Vol. 1, is unsurprisingly ironic, containing as it does four club tracks that are, if not silly, then at least not sophisticated. They were written 18 months ago for use in Parker's own sets, and their simple goals give them a pleasing immediacy. "Silly Club Song No.1" and "Silly Club Song No.2" are the most straightforward of the lot. Both barrel along at 129 BPM, the former augmenting its terse drums with a simplistic grind of bass-synth stabs, while the latter adds a little shimmer to the scene via soft bleeps that recall Fairmont's "Gazebo." "Silly Club Song No.3" kicks off in similarly sparing fashion. So when a classic rave piano suddenly bursts out of the murk (joined later by an equally nostalgic vocal), it's truly enlivening, and makes for the record's most enjoyable moment. "Silly Club Song No.4" is easily the most abstract of the quartet, its bare techno spine adorned with a seasick lurch of strings. Regardless, it will do as much damage on the floor as anything else in this effective package.
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      A1 Silly Club Song No.1 A2 Silly Club Song No.2 B1 Silly Club Song No.3 B2 Silly Club Song No.4