Alexkid - Pick It Up featuring Hannifah Walidah

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  • The latest single release from his Mint album is Pick It Up featuring the vocals of Hannifah Walidah. Pick It Up is a step back in time to the 80's and features remixes from likes of downtempo groover Riton, Jack Lahana and Blackstrobe. Radio Edit Clocking in at a very radio friendly 3 and a half minutes is the radio version. Pick It Up takes a trip back to when slap bass licks, funk guitars, electronic synthesisers and sleazy vocals were the rage. A pretty funky electronic/live instrumental cross over track. Riton Re-Dub Edit Grandcentral records artist Riton brings dubby vibes for his remix, pulling out the digital drums and turning up the snares for a harder effect. Riton includes plenty of top end electronic mayhem (bleeps and bloops) making the track sound akin to being in an old video game arcade. Taking care of the bottom end frequencies is a long winded synth acting as bass. Not really what I expected of Riton as he's usually the more laidback artist of the GC crew. Jack Lahana Remix featuring Vaitea Jack Lahana's Remix is a little more subdued version of the original, giving it a little more of a hip hop/funk vibe. On MC duties is Vaitea adding a little spice to Hannifah's vocals, especially towards the end laying down the 'hands in the air' style "What? What?" call out lyrics. Vaitea doesn't really provide much in the way of hip hop MCing though, just enough to provide a variation to the track. Blackstrobe Remix Blackstrobe provide a slightly more electro version, adding in some heavy synths and bass but not really doing much in the way of providing something extremely new to the table. This one is a bit more aimed at the dancefloor compared to the original. Pick It Up is something that could be described as electroclash - 80's style groove laced with plenty of synths and funk. The Radio Edit, being radio friendly and all, is probably the only track destined to be heard on the airwaves. Check out the Alexkid website for an audio sample and the lyrics!