Szare ­- Parched / Scored

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  • Whether deliberate or not, Szare seem to be an act that undeservedly slips beneath the radar. Taking up residence somewhere between techno and dubstep, the duo has released potent club records that are heady and danceable in equal measure—be it something more purist and basement-ready for Horizontal Ground, or the evocations of soundsystem culture they've fashioned on labels like Idle Hands, Mindset and Krill Music. Lost Shapes, last year's debut full-length for Frozen Border, crept out of the shadows and back again with seemingly little fuss. Now, they re-emerge with Parched / Scored, this time for reputable Manchester club night/label Project 13 MCR. Both tracks continue Szare's previous movements. "Parched" features the classic drum work, bells and skippy pace they've cultivated over the years, sounding almost like a Benny Ill track approached via the Berlin underground. "Scored" then takes grime nodes and runs them through a network of techno tunnels, and it's another intriguing past-present-future amalgam of the UK continuum.
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      A1 Parched B1 Scored