Various - Vulnicura Remixes parts 1 & 2

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  • Judging by the two-part remix package for her recent Vulnicura album, Björk's taste remains impeccable. But the tracks themselves are less impressive than the roll-call of electronic innovators behind them. Perhaps excessive reverence was the problem: in notes accompanying each release, several of the artists admitted to feeling daunted by the commission. Indeed, much of Vulnicura Remixed sounds timid and risk-averse. Both Lotic and Rabit rein in their wilder tendencies, turning in tense, thoughtful versions of "Notget" and "A History Of Touches" respectively. Each is skilfully done, but with few surprises. Krampfhaft's take on the latter track is less illuminating still, his widescreen sound serving to dull the original's intimacy. Katie Gately's approach to "Family," involving a host of processed and densely layered animal cries, is bolder—though the turgid quiet-to-loud arrangement isn't. Mica Levi, meanwhile, removes Björk's voice entirely for a "karaoke" version of "Lionsong." By its nature the result doesn't offer much beyond the original, though Levi achieves her goal of drawing attention to the track's gorgeous string arrangement. (There's also a hint of her humour in the track's kitschy, karaoke-style video.) It stands to reason that Vulnicura mix engineer The Haxan Cloak should feel most at home here, but his version of "Mouth Mantra" indulges his worst tendencies, wallowing in the sort of overblown angst avoided by the original. Björk herself splices a choral arrangement of "Lionsong" with "Flexible," Untold's rubbery 2009 rhythm track. It's a fun idea, but the weight of the lyrics sits uneasily with those chirpy beats. The results are a neat summary of the whole package—excellent in theory, flat in execution.
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      Part 1 01. Notget (Lotic Keptsafe Version) 02. Family (Remix By Katie Gately) 03. Lionsong (Kareokiejd Remix By Mica Levi) 04. History Of Touches (Krampfhaft Remix) Part 2 01. History Of Touches (Rabit Naked Mix) 02. Lionsong (Choral Mix feat. Untold) 03. Mouth Mantra (The Haxan Cloak Mix)