Blondes - Persuasion

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  • Persuasion, Blondes' first proper record since 2013's Swisher LP, was preceded by Rein, a continuous 50-minute jam released as a limited cassette in late June. It was an effective primer (practically a "making of" documentary) for Persuasion, on which Blondes delved further into the dense, swirling techno that made their second album such a treat. Oddly enough, the "live" feel of their best work is even more pronounced now that Sam Haar and Zach Steinman no longer live in the same city. The title track is as deep and immersive as anything the producers have done. It kicks off on a heavy bass throb and looping key pattern, the latter just managing to keep its head above water in the opening minutes. Eventually, those keys assert themselves as the track's primary focus, until the whole thing spectacularly burns out into a percussion-jam finale. A granular, shifting feel gives "Son" less of the intoxicating quality its two counterparts share, though there's still plenty to enjoy in its sinewy subtleties. "Inner Motive" closes the EP with its shortest track, albeit the most open-ended. Its relentless whoosh of throbbing drums and low-end offer a powerful churn with no intro and the most perfunctory of outros. Blondes' new arrangement seems to working fine so far, and suggests that subsequent live shows will be pretty special, too.
  • Tracklist
      01. Persuasion 02. Son 03. Inner Motive