Reeko ­- Bad Mood EP

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  • Following a series of engagements with his own Mental Disorder label—which recently saw him reimagine Kafka's The Metamorphosis in suitably eerie, trippy fashion—Reeko returns to his second home, PoleGroup, with something a little more club-ready. Contrary to the name, Bad Mood covers the whole palette, starting off smoothly with the percolating "Empty Streets." Indeed, "moody" is the best way to describe the EP's title track, which grows like an angry storm cloud: black, thick and charged with electricity. Refusing to erupt, the static energy instead builds toward a venomous crescendo before cooling down. "Dishonest Thoughts" is the ambient reprieve, the deep breath in and cathartic exhalation—at least until more of that Reeko menace blows in on a rush of noise and distortion. It leaves a ringing in your ears, almost like a reminder to hold your guard. What sounds like crashing waves swirls around the heartbeat of "Dishonest Thoughts" as it proceeds to chug towards its inevitable conclusion. In terms of sound and composition, this one is the standout. "Sunday Night" ties things off with growling, creaking dub that's so heavy it might leave you groping around for something a little lighter.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Empty Streets A2 Bad Mood B1 Dishonest Thoughts B2 Sunday Night