Frankey & Sandrino - Acamar

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  • Released largely over the past two years, Frankey & Sandrino's music ranges from the porcelain melodies on Save, their 2014 Innervisions debut, to the somewhat cheesy tech-pop of Starchild / Lost. Some tracks even feature extravagant synth work, performed with the flair of a guitar solo. The Berlin duo's second EP for Innervisions, Acamar, is most like their first: a house record with soft contours and silky textures. "Acamar" bears a striking resemblance to Dixon's rework of Matthew Dekay and Lee Burridge's "Lost In A Moment." Long violin notes play behind a simple vocal that fades out after a couple of minutes, after which a familiar synth arpeggio takes the baton. Its strength is its simplicity, but they abandon this approach on "Lukida." Frankey & Sandrino dress up a forgettable three-note loop in finger clicks, ambient rainforest sounds and ominous piano chords, but despite their fuss, none of it flatters the meager idea at its centre.
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      A1 Acamar B1 Lukida