Mor Elian - 323 To Plaza

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  • Prime Numbers is one of many labels operating in the grey area between house and techno, but its records have lately veered towards the harder end of that spectrum. Fudge Fingas, Linkwood and Adesse Versions once shaped the label's sound, but a slew of recent remix packages have enlisted the likes of Skudge, Luke Hess and Alan Fitzpatrick. Mor Elian, an LA-based producer from Tel Aviv, makes her debut with a record that combines both modes of Prime Numbers, with mixed results. "Chocolate Almond" echoes Midland's 2011 track "Shelter." Both employ decaying Latin vocals and dashes of skin percussion, but where Midland couched these in a sensitive groove, Mor Elian doesn't make the same parts quite as integral to hers—they're simply dragged behind a driving kick drum, like cans strung to the back of a car. The title track is better: delicate drops of acid and gliding synths are essential cogs to the circular rhythm in "323 To Plaza." On his remix, Detroit producer OB Ignitt offers a softer frame for Elian's prickly riff, giving the tune some welcome elasticity. It strips the weight from the original, leaving cushioned drums, a raspy sigh and traces of bleepy acid.
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      A1 323 To Plaza B1 Chocolate Almond B2 323 To Plaza (OB Ignitt Remix)