Arnaldo ‎- Your Favourite Colour Is Green Yet You Dress In Black

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  • Smallville releases some of the mellowest house out there, but it's almost always functional. You'll usually find a stomping, crunchy beat buried beneath the various pads, dusty samples and chords that seem to feature on every track the label puts out, which is partly the reason why it's so popular with DJs. Arnaldo's latest outing on the Hamburg imprint is a perfect example: Your Favourite Colour Is Green Yet You Dress In Black pairs a standard deep-house toolkit—key snippets, sultry vocals and subtle melodies—with sturdy, club-friendly percussion to strike an endearing balance. Which of the three tracks you prefer depends on your taste for deep house. "Moving On" and "Million Mile Love" are laid back and groovy, both utilising swirls of hazy melody and catchy key riffs. They're also anchored to loud hats and a solid kick drum, which makes them great for nudging the crowd in a party's opening hours. "Moving On" is a notch above, though, thanks to the nice energy boost delivered after its main breakdown. "Never Used To Be Better" is darker and more percussive, and sounds like Arnaldo at his most hectic.
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      A1 Moving On B1 Never Used To Be Better B2 Million Mile Love