Venetian Snares - Your Face

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  • When My Love Is A Bulldozer landed last year, it was an especially grandiose record (called a "breakcore musical" here), but not so unlike other records of its kind. The divergent factor was the vocals that took centre stage. Peel them back, however, and all the Venetian Snares tropes were in play: the extravagant Rossz Csillag Alatt Született strings, the pummelling 'ardcore junglism and enough acerbic Aaron Funk wit to remind everyone to take it with some extra salt. Had he simply gone too far, laying the pantomime on so thick as to gloss over the record's ultimately sincere and sensitive depths? Regardless, My Love Is A Bulldozer was a captivating listen, exquisitely subversive entertainment from one of electronic music's most rebellious oddballs. Your Face in some ways marks a return to form for the breakcore veteran, who's always used the catch-all genre to carve out his own weird and rugged path. "Former Eagle" and "Misericordial" seem to harken back to the sounds of Winter In The Belly Of A Snake or Cavalcade Of Glee And Dadaist Happy Hardcore Pom Poms with their chilled IDM sentiment and glitchy, technoid approach. Meanwhile, "Red Orange 2" and "Stockpiles of Sentiment" are the schizoid jungle odes that make up much of the Venetian Snares discography. The former is a classic tumult of neo-classical keys and chopped up Amen breaks amidst a cacophony of nodes that seems to run away with itself. "Stockpiles Of Sentiment," on the other hand, is far more staccato, wielding long pauses and reverberated, squelchy bass drops to devastating affect. "Become Magic Dolphins" plumbs a different line entirely. It's an acid jam more akin to Funk's Last Step stuff—albeit with token Snares airs, like the dolphin giggles—and makes for an interesting change of pace. As if to counterpose the extensive drum work, "Your Face When I Finally" is focused on melody, bared all in the closing "Glass Version" and clouded over with Snares cheek in it's original. Spot the vocal here—this time it's an instant gratifier.
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      01. Your Face When I Finally 02. Former Eagle 03. Red Orange 2 04. Become Magic Dolphins 05. Stockpiles Of Sentiment 06. Misericordial 07. Your Face When I Finally (Glass Version)