Lando - Stunts

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  • Stunts is the first Lando record on Ultramajic, but the producer's pulsating house is such a natural fit that he could've been there since day one. The Berlin-based Californian ramps up the humidity on his title track, pairing an almost indecent bass groove with a sweat-drenched vocal motif and ticking high notes. It feels like something Lando wrote specifically for Ultramajic, as it does an excellent job of tapping into the label's salacious core aesthetic. The other four tracks are more along the lines of what we're accustomed to hearing from Lando, with tough, funky chords and B-movie pads amid stomping percussion. "Onwards Upwards" might be the pick—its claps and echoing vocals add giddy momentum to the muscular slow build. "Communication II" is stuttering and a touch more abrasive, while "Her Voodoo" brings together vivid sci-fi atmosphere and heaving globules of bass to finish the vinyl on the front foot. Digital bonus track "Show Me Tricks," meanwhile, is largely notable for its hammering bassline, aligning it perfectly for floor use.
  • Tracklist
      01. Stunts 02. Onwards Upwards 03. Communication II 04. Her Voodoo Digital Only: Show Me Tricks