DJ Koze - XTC / Knee On Belly

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  • DJ Koze's first new material since 2013's majestic Amygdala reaffirms two distinct strands of his musical personality. "XTC" is gorgeous almost to the point of parody, as if aiming to achieve extreme levels of bliss. It kicks off by pairing a muted beat with gentle swells of shifting pads. A woman's pitched-down voice eventually recites a monologue about ecstasy, her words set against backdrops of soft key patterns and various percussive flourishes. Of course, we've heard Koze in this headspace before—wide-eyed Pop Ambient contributions like "Hummell" and "Nymphe Und Schäfer" spring to mind—but "XTC" might be the best example. On "Knee On Belly" Koze switches from bliss to his sparky, irreverent mode. Discordant, burring keys and FX are carried along by a typically generous percussive frame. Its radically different character further sharpens the joys of "XTC," while also being hugely enjoyable on its own terms.
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      A1 XTC B1 Knee On Belly