Axel Boman - 1979

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  • Axel Boman has accomplished a lot in the five years since he first released with Pampa—dropping his debut album and a number of EPs and singles, not to mention his work with Studio Barnhus. And practically all of it has been weighed against "Purple Drank," the Holy Love EP's ubiquitous deep house anthem. So it's understandable that the Swedish producer's second outing for Pampa, which comes after a two-year dry spell, would carry some special meaning. 1979, however, is decidedly unconcerned with expectations. Like anything named "1979" should be, Boman's A-side is steeped in wistful sentiment. It's in the shimmer of strings that swirl around plus-sized kicks, and it's in the soft patter of woody percussion. Most of all, it's in the resonant bass synth that calmly and lovingly delivers the song's pensive theme. You'll get swept up in the feeling of "1979" more than the groove, hypnotic as it is, and you're meant to—this is dance music for coming off the emotional high of dance music. (Makes sense that it follows DJ Koze's "XTC," then.) But Boman isn't one to take himself too seriously; as much as the track holds you in starry-eyed stasis, it also tickles, prods, and winks. Take a moment to soak up your surroundings the next time "1979" comes on in a lengthy DJ set, and the memory won't soon disappear. "Nokturn (Grand Finale)" is the gush to "1979"'s sigh. All upward momentum, jittery drums and elastic bass plucks, the track is a feel-good house roller chock full of charisma. Boman gets a bit spacey and weird throughout "Nokturn (Grand Finale)," almost like he's shaking the heavy emotive presence behind it, and seems to lose some focus in the process. You'd be hard pressed to notice, though, especially once that stratospheric drop lifts you skyward. And whenever you're ready to glide back down to Earth, all you have to do is flip the record.
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      A1 1979 B1 Nokturn (Grand Finale)