Matias Aguayo - El Rudo Del House (Round Four)

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  • El Rudo Del House (Round Four) closes Matias Aguayo's rollicking 12-inch series on a relatively low note. Sure, "Turbulencia" is adequately turbulent and "Tomada (Mas Rudo)" beefs up the Round Two original's low-end, but the playful buzz and wonkiness of earlier installments feel all but gone from these productions. Which is a shame, as that wild streak helped give Aguayo's drum tracks some distinctive flavor. Round Four instead defaults on basic stripped-down house beats, colored with subtle Latin flourishes and noisy irreverence. "Lecciones De Perreo" might have the most fun of the bunch—tying percussive flurries around its beepy, faux-reggaeton bounce—though "Trabzon" isn't too far off. It's the only track on Round Four to use the pitched vocal samples Aguayo has favored since Round One, and it's a welcome texture despite sounding more obligatory than inspired. "Turbulencia" could be the sole necessary addition to El Rudo Del House, if only because its cacophonous drum-machine mayhem is unprecedented in the series. Otherwise, Aguayo's final entry offers serviceable rhythm tracks, but they pale in comparison to the three batches that came before it.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Trabzon A2 Turbulencia B1 Tomada (Mas Rudo) B2 Lecciones De Perreo