Post Scriptum - Post Scriptum 01

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  • Post Scriptum is being presented as a new artist, but I'll eat my hat if that's true. While just two releases make up the project's discography so far, both are of a quality far beyond the skillset of a rookie producer. It was reportedly Function who first discovered Post Scriptum, and the Berlin-based American has since thrown his weight behind the project, debuting its first track on his Berghain 07 mix and now releasing Post Scriptum 01 on his label, Infrastructure NY. Despite the name of its releasing label, the sound of Post Scriptum 01 is very much European—loopy, subtle and bleepy. Immaculately produced and expertly structured, this is one of this year's essential techno LPs. Everyone loves a banger, but techno's ethereal nature is arguably what gives fans the most lasting pleasure. People don't throw on techno mixes to hear a DJ drop bomb and after bomb; they listen so they can sit back, lock themselves in a groove and zone out from everything else. The same goes for some albums. Post Scriptum 01 isn't going to give you any hands-in-the air moments, and it probably won't make you want to jump out of your seat. It will put you in a trance if you let it, though. Post Scriptum 01's sound doesn't vary much from track to track. Each is built from similar parts—chunky basslines, bleeps and an assortment of ominous samples—meaning the ride from beginning to end is a smooth one. Naturally, there are a few standout moments: the drums on some tracks jack a little more than others, and I'd be lying if I said the surprise vocals on "Interstellar Medium" didn't make my ears perk up a little bit more on first listen. Overall, though, Post Scriptum plays it safe, and in this case, it leads to great results. The existence of techno albums is a contentious issue with some listeners—many avoid them altogether. Full-lengths are too often made up of decent DJ tools and sub-par ambient sketches, forcing listeners to cherrypick the few tracks they like, rather than enjoy the work as a whole. Post Scriptum 01 is an album for techno fans seeking an immersive experience, which is all too rare these days.
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      01. Decades To Millenia 02. Even The Nearest 03. Interstellar Medium 04. The Extreme Distance 05. Gliese 581 06. Decelerate At The Destination 07. Proton To Proton Fusion 08. Constant Acceleration Drive 09. Time Plus Time To Encode 10. Mistaken Conclusion 11. Warped Space Time