Seuil ‎- Chocolate Gangsta

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  • I'm not a good trainspotter. Sometimes I'm embarrassed by how little I'm able to pick out from a set compared to some of my friends ("Oh, this is so-and-so from this tech house label from Nottingham that put out three records in 1998. Didn't you know?") Nevertheless, there is one unreleased track that I recently spotted not long after footage of it being rinsed in a club hit YouTube. Videos are seemingly posted soon after every single set the RPR crew—Rhadoo, Raresh and Petre Inspirescu—play, and I caught footage of them dropping this bomb at Frankfurt's Robert Johnson in July last year. I listened to it dozens of times over the following weeks. So you can imagine how happy I was when it surfaced on Seuil's Chocolate Gangsta EP last month. The track was "Do The Left Thing (Tribute to TM)," and it's the EP's definite highlight. It's bass-heavy, rolling and snappy, making it a perfect minimal banger. I can only assume its title is a reference to the master of this style, Thomas Melchior. Like Melchior's best tracks, shuffling percussion is paired with a simple but supremely effective low-end, the kind that you remember long after the party is over. Two other choice cuts—"Al Capote" and "The Jungle (Frask)"—round out the EP. Both are breezy, and provide a nice counterpoint to the high-octane number most DJs will be cueing up.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Al Capote A2 Do The Left Thing (Tribute to TM) B1 The Jungle (Frask)