Various - Hausmusik Vol. 2

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  • Get Physical has demonstrated a deft talent for compilations and DJ mixes. Body Language is, arguably, an underrated mix series that has taken some entertaining left turns—including the recent entry from classical pianist Francesco Tristano—and the Berlin label has originated some interesting concepts for its compilations. 2009's Final Song, for instance, saw various DJs and producers nominating their funeral music. In theory, its latest compilation strand should be another winner: Hausmusik aims to curate sets of intimate, leftfield house explicitly for home listening. Unfortunately, its second volume is much less rewarding than the premise would seem. You come to a compilation like this either for the crate-digging surprises or the cohesive mood that might cast its music in a new light. Here, you get neither. Steve Moore terrifically remixes Holden's "Renata," but, like the Radioslave and Thomas Gandey remix of "Signs" by Howling, it's unsurprising. Meanwhile, lesser known tracks from Kadebostan, YokoO or ex-Footprintz man Clarian (drawn from a narrow spectrum of Berlin labels: Multi Culti, Kindisch, Freude Am Tanzen), are all too polite to be earth-shattering. The Get Physical tracks, like Tristano's short "Ongaku" or M.A.N.D.Y's functional "Miss Jonson," feel like padding in an already lightweight set. Where clever sequencing helps great compilations unfold with an irresistible internal logic, Hausmusik Vol. 2 evolves awkwardly and abruptly. Dark, moody electronica shifts into quirky synth-pop—The Stepkids, Clarian, Chrome Sparks—without making a persuasive case for the change. There is some nice music here, but randomness prevails.
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      01. Holden - Renata (Steve Moore Remix) 02. Throwing Snow - Draugr feat. Knox 03. Ultima Vez - MKRNI (Andesground Remix II) 04. Kadebostan - Back To My First Heroes 05. Howling - Signs (Radioslave & Thomas Gandey Last Communication Remix) 06. YokoO - Shaping Our Own Reality 07. Faith - Faktorm 08. M.A.N.D.Y. - Miss Jonson 09. Francesco Tristano - Ongaku 10. WhoMadeWho - There's A Way 11. The Stepkids - Desert In The Dark 12. Clarian - Open Your Eyes 13. Fran Seven - At Least 14. Chrome Sparks - Enter The Chrome Forest