Løt.te - History Of Discipline

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  • Like many newcomers to techno these days, Mehmet Irdel has a background in noise and power electronics. Unlike many of his peers, however, Irdel's past life comes through as a constructive rather than destructive force. His techno has a brutal thrust that's evened out by his ear for detailed sound design and wide-open soundscaping. On History of Discipline, Irdel's second release for The Bunker New York, he crafts two ten-minute odysseys in the vein of '90s techno institutions like Downwards and Dynamic Tension, but upgraded for 2015 with a dazzling sense of detail. The kick drums on the title track are pounding but never suffocating. In fact, over its long build, "History Of Discipline" is remarkably spacious—even when the kick comes barreling back in after the breakdown, the track feels fluid and in control. With all kinds of percolating sounds rolling and clanging over the top, "History Of Discipline" is built with the same gift for layering that Irdel showed on his recent RA podcast. "A Mutable Constant" is equally well made, this time with a long, melancholy synth line draped across the back half, making it the emotional counterpart to the stoic A-side. The result feels both alien and beautiful. For someone who only made the move to techno recently, Løt.te already sounds like a natural.
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      A1 History Of Discipline B1 A Mutable Constant