Matthias Reiling - Gefällt Mir Nicht Mehr

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  • Like most things on Giegling, Matthias Reiling's music is sullen but beautiful. He doesn't release too much music under his own name, but he has an impressive range—funk, house, downtempo, instrumental hip-hop. The bulk of his music comes as one half of the disco-leaning duo Session Victim, but he here returns to Giegling in subtle, impressive form. Gefällt Mir Nicht Mehr includes four languid sketches on the A-side and two spiraling house tracks on the B-side. Initially, the mood is forlorn. Save for piano and bass plucks, "Is Anybody There?" feels beautifully isolated. "Speechless," a cover of the alt-metal band Helmet, is fuelled by a muffled kick drum. On "On A Pale Horse," the beat goes more hip-hop. "Silverhope Rd.," the A-side's last track, is the highlight with its hushed, trembling piano. The B-side track "Warm Down" is zippier: a house beat rattles under overcast skies, before "Outpace" ends the record on a joyful note with some rosy chords. In six eclectic tracks, Reiling slips from contemplation to celebration, a finely spun narrative that sets this record apart.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Is Anybody There? A2 Speechless A3 On A Pale Horse A4 Silverhope Rd. B1 Warm Down B2 Outpace