LHF - EP4: From The Edge

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  • LHF's releases have zig-zagged through various eras of the hardcore continuum, culminating in 2012's double-disc epic Keepers Of The Light. Three years later, and they're back, or more accurately, the group's Double Helix is, with a few helping hands (Lumin Project and Low Density Matter) and an unusual twist. For this one, LHF uncovered some old Ragga Twins acapellas that lend EP4 an otherworldly quality. These are tracks that could have just as easily been unearthed from some forgotten tape. The Ragga Twins vocal spots are far from a gimmick. They barely appear at all on "2000 Dust," and on "Street Wise" they're snuck in with the other vocal samples. When they do dominate, it's fiery: on "Fugese," the vocals are ominous, a rapid-fire salvo that sits somewhere between raucous party MCing and a battle cry. The spectral quality of their voices only adds to the uneasiness. On "Exodus" they sound like ghosts haunting the tribal groove. As for Double Helix's part, he largely sticks to a slick, dark garage style that taps into the strain of 2-step that eventually morphed into dubstep—think vintage Horsepower Productions. It's a focus that feels less momentous than some of LHF's previous material, although they do it so well (especially the slinky saxophone on "Street Wise") that it's hardly a drawback.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Fugese feat. Ragga Twins A2 Exodus feat. Lumin Project & Ragga Twins B1 2000 Dust feat. Low Density Matter & Ragga Twins B2 Street Wise feat. Ragga Twins