O'Flynn - Tyrion / Desmond's Empire

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  • If this exciting first release on Blip Discs is a sign of what's to come, then the Leeds label will be worth keeping tabs on. Behind it is a young producer named O'Flynn, who first caught the attention with 2013's menacing, bass-driven "Mantle." On Tyrion / Desmond's Empire he channels African influences into two very different but equally impressive cuts. "Tyrion" is almost solely a drum track, but it's far more hospitable than you might think from that description. A staple in Four Tet's sets for months now, its star feature is the jaunty sound of the Latin American timbale drum, which flits excitedly in the foreground as thumping kicks, whistles and the odd echoing voice form an intoxicating backing. "Desmond's Empire" could easily be something from a Highlife World Series release, with a gentle chant and an addictive accordion riff evoking the sort of humid jam-session vibe that Auntie Flo and Esa are so adept at.
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      A Tyrion B Desmond's Empire