Romans - Ambulare Aude EP

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  • Tin Man and Gunnar Haslam flesh out their collaborative project on this EP for The Bunker New York, label arm of the club night where the pair first met. As Tin Man explains, the Romans project aims to look at this ancient civilisation "through the murky lens of time." Last year's weepy Romans I felt like it was working towards something, but wasn't entirely there. The Ambulare Aude EP is more fully formed, opting for a severe acid techno style familiar from both artists' solo work. Mostly it's the lead lines that hold the attention. On "Emona," a minor-key hook run ragged through a series of filters and FX. On "Coptos," a dissonant loop grumbles against a backdrop of icy chords. Both tracks are relentlessly cold and sinister but somehow a bit lacking in drama. "Delmenium" is more satisfying, thanks to a weightier groove and a synth line that pings and squelches incessantly. The track rolls along for a good ten minutes, but its length only heightens the angst.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Emona A2 Coptos B1 Delmenium