Clip! - Brotherhood EP

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  • The second release in FINA's white label series carries on the rugged, bass-centric techno established by A1 Bassline's Without Time EP, this time tapping Barcelona producer Clip! to deploy a few weapons of his own. The acidy title track and the rumbling "Forward" are both dark, propulsive warehouse tracks. Their counterparts work in that capacity, too, even if they feel more generic. "Dissonance's Technique" may be the least distinctive of the bunch. It employs a synth patch and sequence that seems all but ubiquitous: a soft pad rides one staccato chord phrase, as slow hi-pass filter sweeps try to give the illusion of movement. Thankfully, Clip!'s drums sound more considered, with big, boxy kicks and sharp hats keeping things functional. Those drums are also the foundation of the two highlights. They excel by using synths less for color than as vital components of each swung groove. "Forward" gradually dilutes the energy as it layers on ineffective melody, but the opening half is visceral enough to warrant a spot in your next dark-techno session.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Brotherhood A2 R36 B1 Forward B2 Dissonance's Technique