Donato Dozzy - Cassandra

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  • For all the remarkable, varied collaborations and solo outings Donato Dozzy has put his name to in recent years, his new single feels conservative. "Cassandra" is deep, vibrant techno, and it slips into the Italian artist's sizable oeuvre comfortably—although maybe too comfortably. With masterful records like Voices From the Lake, Plays Bee Mask and The Aquaplano Sessions still relatively fresh in the mind, Cassandra comes off like a stopgap that brings little to the table. The record is technically a two-tracker, but the flipside is just some springy jaw harp played through delay and reverb. It's anyone's guess why Dozzy decided to include it. "Cassandra" finds Dozzy midway between the hushed pulses of VFTL and Aquaplano's more sinewy hardware beats. Lush details, which occasionally bubble up past the two-note bassline and flutter in your ear, flow beneath the 124 BPM bounce. It's all so crisp, lush and warm that you'll soon lose track of the seven-plus minutes you've spent taking in its details, though this comes as standard from a virtuoso like Dozzy. "Cassandra" won't lose him any fans, but it's just as unlikely to convert the non-believers.
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      A1 Cassandra B1 II