Fiedel - Deare

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  • The best ideas tend to be the simplest, and Fiedel's solo work has been full of them. His Fiedel One series is built around concise loops with a winning personality: Miese Maschine, from last year, dragged a pair of simple four-bar loops through a thicket of raspberry synths ("Miese Maschine") and bumpy string sections ("Detour"), turning them into quirky, fun and ragged club tools. Fiedel goes for the same approach on Deare, but the title track is a little too prickly and occasionally overbearing. "Deare" has a tough, Chicago house chassis, and what sounds like some panpipe notes being shot through a blowdart. Fiedel's synths swirl around these sounds like a bitter mouthwash, drowning out the track's needle-thin riff. "Likedeeler" is much better. A playful three-note bassline lays the foundation for sweeping hi-hats and distorted electric guitar notes. The typical restraint Fiedel shows on "Likedeeler" means that an instrument usually applied with bombast instead leaves its mark with considerable finesse.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Deare B1 Likedeeler