Robag Wruhme - Cybekks

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  • Maybe not since his Thora Vukk album has Robag Wruhme sounded as emotionally expressive as he does on Cybekks, the German house veteran's first original record in three years. Without losing sight of the subtle quirks and full-bodied sounds he's known for, Wruhme wrings otherworldly pathos ("Cybekks"), inner joy ("Volta Cobby") and romantic nostalgia ("Anton I" and "II") from his heady mix of electronics and live sampling. Only two tracks on Cybekks are meant for dance floors, but all four aim to capture the life-affirming moments those places can foster. The title track starts in a dark mood. Wruhme fiddles with its sinister synths and pervasive low-end until about midway through, when he wraps things in an astral shimmer. The melodic twinkle that tops it all off feels like a surprise ending few could've come up with. "Volta Cobby," the other DJ-friendly track, is far less coy about its intentions. A three-note bass throb lifts the modest tech-house shuffle out from the ether, and continues to ebb and flow under frisky incidental sounds for seven-plus minutes. While the central theme stays essentially uncluttered throughout "Volta Cobby," momentary flourishes help color the otherwise clear-cut outline. It closes on a touching set of piano chords, which, like the two poignant "Anton" interludes, shows just how much heart Wruhme puts into his records.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Cybekks A2 Anton B1 Volta Cobby B2 Anton 2