Juju & Jordash - Down To The Roach

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  • Last year's Clean-Cut found Amsterdam's Juju & Jordash on bright and vivacious form. In musical terms, the jazz-loving duo haven't always been straight talkers, but in this case a bit of directness was a boon. Down To The Roach, the pair's return to Dekmantel, follows a similar plan. Their meandering synth work is still the main attraction, but they keep a firm grip on house convention, too. The title track is the most grounded of the lot, its beefy kick drum webbed with dextrous synth arps. Floating up top is a voice—presumably one of the pair getting his falsetto on—variously cut into breathy loops or tracing more expansive melodies. A dub version strips away the vocals to reveal the track's steelier core; each version is solid, though the inclusion of both feels slightly like too much of a good thing. "Lights At Night" works with similar materials, though this time the lead actor is a guitar, whose gorgeous swooning chords work in counterpoint to the track's tart synth lines. "Bean Bag Motel," finally, is a tad darker, and lacks that centrepiece element to focus its fidgety energy. It doesn't help that its four-note bassline apes "Hit The Road Jack." Juju & Jordash may be wizards behind the keyboards, but even they can't teach new tricks to that old dog.
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      A1 Down To The Roach A2 Bean Bag Motel B1 Lights At Night B2 Down To The Roach (Dub)