Shit Robot - Where It's At

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  • Lately it's been a guessing game as to which style Marcus Lambkin will tackle next, but you can usually count on him to pull it off. On "Where It's At," the Irishman taps comedian-turned-vocalist Reggie Watts (who also appeared on 2013's excellent "We Got A Love") and looks towards some of the older Shit Robot records, offering up a tough slice of house informed by DFA's classic punk-funk sound. "Where It's At" is a simple track with a wiry bassline, snappy handclaps and a synth that washes over everything whenever Lambkin needs to let off steam. Watts is the real star here, though. He begins with a kitschy spoken word before lifting off into a soulful refrain. It's remarkable how he jumps from hook to hook, transforming the track's mood without the instrumental changing all that much. Johnny Aux tones down the more flamboyant parts of "Where It's At," flattening it into a dirty, lo-fi lockstep. And while there's something to be said for the contrast of Watts' soaring vocal against Aux's rigid grinding, in suppressing the track's uplifting side the remix is nowhere near as captivating as the original.
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      A1 Where It's At feat. Reggie Watts B1 Where It's At feat. Reggie Watts (Johnny Aux Remix)