Stanislav Tolkachev - All Night Vigil

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  • Stanislav Tolkachev might be your favourite techno artist's favourite techno artist. A few weeks ago, Sleeparchive called All Night Vigil, the producer's latest 12-inch, a "masterpiece." Token chief Kr!z said it's the "12-inch of the year so far" and that he "lost his mind" on first listen. And judging by the consistently enthusiastic descriptions Hard Wax gives his releases, the team at techno's premier record store are also fans. So what's the fuss about? To me, Tolkachev's music is a modern take on vintage Millsian minimalism. It's largely built with sci-fi parts, usually as harsh as they are polished. Only a small portion of his catalogue seems overtly floor-friendly, yet certain tracks played at the right moment have a devastating effect on a dance floor. Most notable is his ability to manipulate conventional techno sounds in a way that leaves his tracks both emotional and psychedelic. All Night Vigil, Tolkachev's second release on M_REC LTD's Grey Series offshoot, exhibits these qualities in spades. Like his first Grey Series release in 2013, All Night Vigil begins with a short, synthy ambient track ("Vitamin K") before moving into clubbier sounds. "That's Where The Dog Is Buried" is Tolkachev at his atonal best. At nine minutes, it's longer than most of his past work but no less hard-hitting. All the focus is on a few jagged synths darting in and out of focus while a subdued kick drum bangs underneath. "The Chance For Both Of Us" is more musical and spacey, while the title cut is bleepy with tough drums. Like all minimal, these tracks sound best when heard in full (or close to it). It will take a skilled DJ to get the most out of this EP, but those who can will be packing three of 2015's biggest techno bombs.
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      A1 Vitamin K A2 That’s Where The Dog Is Buried B1 All Night Vigil B2 The Chance For Both Of Us