Ivan Iacobucci ‎- Monoklo 1

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  • Loops. Get them right and you end up with versatile DJ tracks, suitable for a variety of settings. Get them wrong and you end up with something boring, destined to do a dance floor more harm than good. It's hard to say exactly what separates a good loop from a bland one, particularly when talking about stripped-back house. An effective tool can be as simple as some shuffling drums and light atmospherics, but it almost always needs one thing: a clear sense of groove. Ivan Iacobucci gets it right on Monoklo 1, his latest release for Holic Trax. The A-side, "Router," is the highlight. It's not much more than the same 16 bars—skipping drums, a one-note bassline and a steady humming noise—looped for nine minutes, but to my ears it's the perfect sort of house track. It's probably too mellow to throw on at peak-time, but drop it in the early or late hours and see it work magic. The more full-blooded "Anorak" and "De Mai Sus" sit on the flip. The latter is the pick of the two, with keys, weighty bass and a cheery atmosphere. Monoklo 1 should strike a chord with jocks with an ear for subtlety.
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      A1 Router B1 Anorak B2 De Mai Sus