Fur Coat - Berlin Chronicles

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  • In a career spent almost entirely on Crosstown Rebels, Barcelona-based Venezuelans Sergio Munoz and Israel Sunshine have carved out a sound that explores the murkier and deeper areas of house. Berlin Chronicles is intended as a crisper, more melodic departure from their usual sound, and it largely delivers on this aim. "Banhof," in particular, is awash with the sort of light synth chords and padded drums that would nicely accompany your third cocktail at a pool party. Its breakdown features a surprising collision of chords and beats (which had me scanning my browser tabs for pop-ups) but things get back on linear form soon enough. Opener "Pankow" is techier and more hard-hitting, though its sonar-bleep keys and clattering drums are still leavened by a comforting buzz of bass and winsome synths. "Seven," meanwhile, ambles along with snapping drums and wind-tunnel pads, before gathering everything together for a couple of crescendos. Its spaciness suggests that Fur Coat aren't done with exploring deep musical galaxies just yet.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Pankow B1 Banhof B2 Seven