Chymera - Other Worlds

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  • Though he's never released on My Favorite Robot, Irish producer Brendan "Chymera" Gregoriy's stock-in-trade—synth-laden, melodic techno with an electro tint—is so well-established that it's unlikely to change much whichever label it appears on. You could say the same for his quality control: there's a consistency and clarity in Gregoriy's prolific output that makes it seem effortless. He's also unafraid to let a track unfurl in full. His 2008 classic "Ellipsis" clocks in at ten minutes, and the title track here is almost that length. "Other Worlds" has crescendos and synths similar to those on "Ellipsis," though here its driving force is a dramatic bassline. Vertigo"'s pin-prick high notes give it the feel of a more stripped-back take on last year's excellent "Moot Point," a feeling only heightened by the late appearance of a euphoric synth line makes the track this release's highlight. On the flip, the droplet pads and gentle drums of "Inner Worlds" make it feel meditative by comparison. "Erku"'s music box aesthetic, meanwhile, confirms the B-side's relaxed feel, and rounds out a characteristically satisfying offering from one of techno's class acts.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Other Worlds A2 Vertigo B1 Inner Worlds B2 Erwu