Hunter/Game - Genesis

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  • Milan pair Hunter/Game have previously released their warm, gauzy techno on labels like Innervisions and Kompakt. But this first EP for their own fledgling label, Just This, has a noticeable sense of occasion to it—a feeling that they've gone all out both on their original tracks and their choice of remixers. The title track is just about the pick of the two originals. It steadies itself on a lush bed of pads, murmuring bass and starry percussion, before a pair of synth lines take centre stage. "Tree Of Life" charts a similar path using more muted ingredients, and nicely ushers in a subtle crescendo. Both remixes are strong, but Ripperton's version of the title track feels like the release's crowning glory. At once mesmeric and discordant, it spends the first few of its 12 minutes gradually teasing piano notes out of gentle pads before hitting a brittle lick. Chymera's remix of "Tree Of Life," the most floor-oriented thing here, paints its ebullient synth chords more cleanly. An already full package also includes a digital-only bonus track named "Eclipse" that splices light (a sparkling synth line) with dark (menacing horns that stay on the right side of Ten Walls parody) to end up with something on par with the other originals.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Genesis A2 Genesis (Ripperton Remix) B1 Tree Of Life B2 Tree Of Life (Chymera Remix)