JETS - The Chants

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  • Back in 2012, longtime friends Jimmy Edgar and Travis Stewart (AKA Machinedrum) teamed up for their first collaborative release as JETS. The duo's self-titled EP found new uses for each producer's skill set, combining them for a fresh and cohesive sound. This is something the second JETS EP, The Chants, does as well, but now Edgar and Stewart's separate personalities shine through more brightly. With the exception of "U-N-I"—a big-hearted slow burner with vocals from Jamie Lidell—The Chants largely marries the melodicism and sample play of Machinedrum with Jimmy Edgar's chilly, future-funk style. Those distinctive sounds find a striking balance in "Pyrite Blue" and "Pink Beat," the two elastic B-sides. "The Chants" falls in line, too, albeit with more vocal flair and soundsystem stamina. With breathy syllables, monstrous low-end and snappy percussion, JETS deliver a properly fun single here, but one that does more than service the dance floor. In the track's final minute, a dayglo synth, not unlike those heard on Vapor City, fills out the frequency spectrum with warmth and pensive melody. It feels like a great expansion for the typically club-focused project.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Chants A2 U-N-I B1 Pyrite Blue B2 Pink Beat