Josh Wink - Denial

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  • By now Josh Wink has his career down like clockwork. His label spits out reliable tech house at a steady clip, he drops a new mix almost every single week and since 2013 he's released one new 12-inch every year. These tracks are essentially sleeker versions of what made Wink famous: acid-streaked house with big breakdowns. "Denial" follows in the footsteps of recent Wink tracks like "Balls" and "Talking To You," which means an unfussy pulse, an endlessly repeating vocal sample (the cringeworthy "live in the future") and a lush breakdown. The real treat is the gradual crescendo that bathes the second half of the track in sumptuous chords, but it comes a little too late in the otherwise stoic tune to really make a mark. A "Prise D'Acid" features Winkian acid lines, and subdued as they are, all they really do is dampen the impact of the breakdown. More interesting is the "Tweak Dub," which trades out the swooning chords for a pulsating progression that hardens "Denial" into a steelier kind of techno. All three versions are solid, but they're lacking that special something of Wink's best music.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Original (Eyes Closed Mix) A2 Prise D'acid B1 Tweak Dub