Layered Sounds - Bedrock Records

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  • After Bedrock Records recently celebrated its 50th release anniversary, there is no better time to release the next label showcase album that is Layered Sounds. The first cd, which comprises of down tempo reworks of many Bedrock Records classic moments, has been compiled by John Digweed, while the second disc gets into club territory with a smooth and solid mix by Bedrock resident, Phil ‘Moonface’ Thompson. It promises to be a quality release considering the abundance of top draw tracks that have graced the Bedrock Records name. Now keep in mind that all the following tracks on the first disc are down tempo versions, and not the usual club mixes you may have purchased on Bedrock releases. The disc begins smoothly with the deep dubby sounds and quirky effects of Steiger’s Predator Dub of ‘The Hunter’ by Herbal Infusion. The smooth strings and creepy trickles of ‘Chilling Moments’ is a stunning highlight early on as are the smooth versions of ‘Dust’ and ‘Emerald’ by Pole Folder & CP and Bedrock respectively. The vocal lines of Tone Depth’s ‘Rumble Fish’ are sure to send goosebumps down the spine as are the melodies of Mainline’s brilliant ‘Innerspace’. The masters of smooth downtempo sounds, Deep Space Organisms, work their magic again with a great reworking of Eclectica’s ‘O’Spectra’ while the first disc then concludes in stunning fashion, first with the emotive sounds of ‘Mystic Roya’ by Salome & Ives and then Bedrock’s classic ‘Beautiful Strange’. It brings a close to a great first disc, a chilled angle of the many Bedrock moments that have impacted us greatly in clubs in the last few years. For the second disc, the club tracks come out, and Phil ‘Moonface’ Thompson steps behind the decks to mix them to perfection. The disc begins with King Britt’s smooth reworking of Brancaccio’s & Aisher’s ‘Everybody’ while the smooth house vibes continue with the delicious ‘All I Know’ by Morgan Page. Moonface shows his production skills with the baseline filled mix of Tom Mangan’s ‘Chutney’, and the smooth deep baselines continue with the brilliant ‘Tonite’ by Randall Jones. Steve Porter gets in on the act with his epic remix of Amber’s ‘Anyway’, a track that caused quite a fuss on the Bedrock label. The melodies come out with ‘It Scares Me’ by Christian Cambas and then continue with the smooth Underdub of Steiger’s ‘Postcards from the Edge’. The mix concludes with the brilliant Charlie May reworking of Bedrock’s ‘Emerald’, a track that gave the original mix a quirky yet melodic outlook. Layered Sounds proves to be a quality showcase of a quality label. The first disc may come as a surprise to many, being completely stripped of any kicks or major drums, and left with smooth sounds and delicate effects, but the result is well worth it, as the first disc could prove to be the more timeless disc of the two. The second disc will please those who are keen to get in the club groove and mood, and as such it’s a solid mix that moves from smooth deep house to the melodic end of progressive. All in all though, the album is quite good, and offers quality variety, as well as many unreleased gems on the down tempo disc. Disc 1 - Compiled by John Digweed 1. Herbal Infusion - The Hunter (Steiger Predator Dub) 2. Sean Q6 - The Other Course 3. Shmuel Flash - Chilling Moments 4. Pole Folder And CP - Dust 5. Bedrock – Emerald 6. Fortunato And Montresor - The Operator 7. Steiger - Postcard From The Edge (Pack Ice Mix) 8. Tone Depth - Rumble Fish (5am Reprise Mix) 9. Mainline - Innerspace 10. Eclectica - O’ Spectra (Deep Space Organisms Mix) 11. Evolution Feat. Jayn Hanna - Walking On Fire 12. Salome And Ives - Mystic Roya 13. Bedrock - Beautiful Strange Disc 2 - Mixed & Compiled by Moonface 1. Brancaccio And Aisher – Everybody (King Britt Scuba Mix) 2. Morgan Page And Gregory Shiff Feat. Astrid Suryanto - All I Know (Original Mix) 3. Tom Mangan - Chutney (Moonface Mix) 4. Brancaccio And Aisher - Looks Like A Star 5. Tigerhook Presents Randall Jones - Tonite (Feat. Ursula Rucker) 6. Fortunato And Montresor - Imagine (Chris Fortier Remix) 7. Amber - Anyway (Steve Porter Unreleased Mix 2) 8. Herbal Infusion – The Hunter (Steiger Mix) 9. Christian Cambas - It Scares Me 10. Steiger – Postcard From The Edge (Underdub) 11. Bedrock – Emerald (Charlie May's Quartzite Cluster Mix)