Recondite - Think Twice

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  • Lorenz Brunner's ties with Life & Death run deep but, surprisingly, he's never actually released anything on the Italian label until now. As with his recent Iffy LP for Innervisions, Think Twice uses signature ingredients of both artist and label to create music that's satisfying, if not revelatory. The title track will work well in the right context, but we've heard this before from Brunner, its familiar reverb-soaked bassline driving things forward as keys periodically chime overhead. "Serak" sounds as if it was written with Life & Death in mind. Similar to Iffy's "Garbo," (not to mention any number of tracks by Life & Death's core artists) it's essentially a vehicle for (stop me if you've heard this one before) an emotional synth melody. It, and the record in general, has "solid effort" written all over it, but there's nothing remarkable here by either Recondite or Life & Death's standards.
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      A1 Think Twice B1 Serak