Cassius Select - UTTU_51

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  • Playfulness is a big part of Unknown To The Unknown, and, sure enough, the label's latest 12-inch tears apart and reassembles its influences without worrying about whether one or two screws are loose. UTTU_51, from Australian producer Cassius Select, acts the big man with its snarling vocal snaps and thick basslines, worn like a fur coat on broad shoulders, but its crafty use of junkyard sounds gives it charm as well as an edge. "Cross Strut" doesn't get this balance quite right. The track, which is introduced by pots-and-pans percussion and a helium-inflated vocal, feels both stiff and silly: stiff because it relies too much on another vocal to carry the rhythm, and silly because the stranger aspects simply don't feel that essential. "Crook" is a diet version of "Cross Strut," but its drums work a lot harder to beat a groove out of the torn-off syllables around it. "Joy Mile" coils its odd drums tight, yet it leaves enough room for its cocksure vocals and a bicycle bell. UTTU_51 crosses the finishing line strongly with "He Ain't Worth," where more sliced utterances, ranging from menacing to cartoonish, talk down to a wobbling bassline and a watertight rhythm.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Cross Strut A2 Crook B1 Joy Mile B2 He Ain't Worth