Seth Troxler - Evangelion

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  • When you become as big a DJ as Seth Troxler, it can be hard to find the time to actually make music. And for a while there, it looked like the globetrotting artist's well of original material had run dry. Last year Troxler finally broke the drought, releasing a series of collaborations and starting a whopping three labels across a few months, which hinted at a renewed creativity. Evangelion, on Guy Gerber's Rumors label, is another milestone: it's Troxler's first solo track in years. You can hear all sorts of ideas rubbing up against each other in "Evangelion." There's a heavy-lidded Hot Creations feel, a minimal-influenced arrangement and a collage of transient sounds—but they never quite combine in a convincing way. It's admirably weird, with plonking piano and a sea of chattering voices, but those touches can't keep "Evangelion" from feeling a little average. Mathew Jonson and Heartthrob tease out the track's fun side, bolstering it with a walking disco bassline that gives it a wonderfully crooked feel. In a rather mean-spirited April Fools prank, Troxler posted a selfie of himself with Martin Garrix, joking about collaborating with the young EDM producer as if the idea were absurd. Judging from "Evangelion," he could've used some of Garrix's youthful energy.
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      A1 Evangelion B1 Evangelion (Jonson & Siminski Remix)