Another Fine Mess mixed by Fila Brazillia

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  • Fila Brazillia’s party looks like being a messy Humberside affair, as the Hull boys’ selection for the setlist raises an eyebrow or two. It’s a refreshing change to see them given an uptempo compilation mix rather than more chill-out stuff, and goes to prove their versatility. There’s a strongly Brazilian flavour at the start of this particular mess, and once the opening trio passes through Xavier Cugat, Bushy and Pepe Deluxe the scene is set. Grand Popo FC’s brilliantly titled ‘Men Are Not Nice Guys’ (not true of course) moves into a full-on carnival tune, Heiro’s ‘Ligeirin’, guaranteed to brighten any day. Swiftly replaced by the nagging hook of Jolly Music’s ‘Talco Uno’, via Tiefschwarz, the setlist veers again to Ewan Pearson’s quality retake of Goldfrapp’s ‘Strict Machine’. Can’t get any more varied? Wrong! Now it’s time for Yello and Killing Joke, a great idea in practice but a bit unsettling given what’s gone before. Presumably the idea is you’ll be wrapped up in the mix and beyond caring at this point! So it’s left to 12” Superstar, Tutto Matto and Mense Reents to close out. A mix, then, that fully reflects the personality of its authors, and at least looks to do things a little differently, introducing a few new names and hitting the party button first shot.