Cylinder - Disco Engine

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  • From the soulful polish of Metro Area to the low-slung vibes of his work alongside Dennis Kane as Siren, Darshan Jesrani's love of disco has guided pretty much everything he's ever released. Disco Engine, the first thing he's put out as Cylinder, runs his traditional sound through a filter of hazy '80s and '90s techno. On the surface, "Disco Engine" is a loungey, ten-minute voyage dominated by a sweet-sounding if lyrically weak vocal from Chelsea Adewunmi and a lazy bass pulse. After a while, though, you begin to notice some lengthy vocal-free interludes in which the synth chords and effects become surprisingly serrated. These are techno-focused moments in a package that usually falls back into a comforting blanket of bass, keys and filtered harmonies. The "4-Stroke Dub" version simply shears away some of the vocal, coming out with something that could be mistaken for the original in low light. Both are pleasant, mildly hypnotic listens, even if they don't set the world alight.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Disco Engine B1 Disco Engine (4-Stroke Dub)