Bedrock – Heaven Scent (Yunus Guvenen Remix)

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  • This is the track that started it all for the Bedrock label. It came from the Bedrock duo themselves, and it received massive airplay from probably every progressive DJ in the world. It was a truly epic Progressive track, and it summed up the state of the progressive genre at the time it was released, truly Heaven Scent. It is a great combination that Bedrock have created here by asking arguably one of the most epic and truly uplifting producers of the last year or two, Yunus Guvenen, to see what vibe he can give this already complete production. Unlike the quality POB mixes of Heaven Scent, the Yunus Guvenen Remix is somewhat less obvious in a true remix fashion. The obvious thing to do would be to overuse the trademark melody, however, Yunus has introduced so many of his trademark elements and merged them into a unique and clever remix. The track starts off smoothly enough with a hint of the original synth patterns and a broken beat before the trademark Yunus melodic tingles trickle their way in. The smooth strings slowly introduce the main breakdown, which again is a Yunus trademark sounding breakdown, filled with smooth and subtle melodies that are not too overpowering, and it is this breakdown that slowly but surely introduces the original melody that comes in cleverly with the beat. More synths taken from the original are sued late on concluding Yunus’ remake of the first single released on Bedrock. First and foremost, this is probably a remix that many were not expecting, and as such it may not hit you at first, but it might grow on you. It is quite impressive as Yunus has not chosen an obvious method of remixing this track by not overusing the main features of the original. It to me is a remix of a producer that really is struggling to do anything wrong at the moment.