Bedrock – Emerald (Grayarea Speakeasy Remix)

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  • Emerald by Bedrock is one of the duo’s latest single hits that were released to warm responses worldwide in the year of 2002. With remixes from the Filterheadz and Charlie May, as well as the Original and reprise mixes, this release definitely put Digweed and Muir back at the top of their game. The uniquely arranged melodies of the Original mix were put to good use from May and the Filterheadz, and both remixes were just as genius as the Original mix itself. One remix that emerged later on in the scene was the bootleg mix by Chicago based Breaks producers, Grayarea, which has now been officially licensed and used in the ‘50’ series as Grayarea’s Speakeasy Remix. First and foremost, the track is obviously a breaks production, and as such from the word go it offers a unique experience then the May and Filterheadz mixes provided. From the word go the broken beats launch themselves into the production surrounded by low-end rumbles that are introduced early into the piece. The track builds fiercely until the breakdown where the smooth strings and original melody take control of the track. It is clear to see why this remix made the cut, as the melody and smooth melodic sounds work brilliantly with Grayarea’s beat patterns and aggressive production. Definitely a highlight of the Bedrock ’50 Anniversary’ releases, with Grayarea showing why they are so highly regarded with this very impressive reworking. It’s a debut for Grayarea on Bedrock records, but in this kind of form, it probably would not be a surprise to see the lads make another appearance in the not too distant future.