South London Ordnance - Sex Fortress

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  • South London Ordnance's Sex Fortress feels like a long-delayed companion piece to the T.S. Eliot-referencing He Do The Police In Different Voices. On that EP, South London Ordnance enlisted Factory Floor, Throbbing Gristle's Chris Carter and JD Twitch of Optimo for remix duties, and something of that record's cool, black leather surfaces feature on Sex Fortress. "Sex Fortress" wears its post-punk and industrial influences on its sleeve, with clattering live drums, tambourine percussion and serrated synth lines. These aspects fuse naturally with South London Ordnance's techno-centric outlook. "Photobox" is a little more like the South London Ordnance we're familiar with. Ambient factory noises and gurgling synths decorate a techno frame that, though slender, is layered with interesting sounds and a killer four-note riff that sounds submerged under dirty water.
  • Tracklist
      01. Sex Fortress 02. Photobox