Clark - Flame Rave EP

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  • Chris Clark doesn't really make dance music. Techno and rave ideas have always floated around his productions, but they're often lost among the music's litany of intricate details (Body Riddle) or they're too intense for club use (Turning Dragon). Last year's Clark was a change of pace, though, offering the Warp veteran's most danceable material to date, a theme that continues on this EP. With the exception of "Silver Sun," Flame Rave vividly reinterprets parts from the album, not unlike how he overhauled Diana Ross and Frank Ocean for a recent batch of edits. Each track on Flame Rave continues the dense and foreboding nature established by Clark, but its creator exploits every nuance of his inscrutable design. "Silver Sun" and "To Live and Die in Grantham" bolster the bass and labyrinthine synth lines with thumping beats—the latter transposes ghastly techno loops from "Sodium Trimmers," while the former tries out some trusty jungle breaks with flashy results. "Springtime Linn" retrofits "Winter Linn"'s gnarled trudge with sunny melodies, and "Unfurla Cremated" dismantles its namesake down to an otherworldly cosmic drift. But no matter the method, Clark takes his music somewhere unexpected and beautifully handmade.
  • Tracklist
      01. Silver Sun 02. To Live And Die In Grantham 03. Springtime Linn 04. Unfurla Cremated