Peter Van Hoesen - Seventy Secrets

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  • Following the Call & Response EP from last fall, Peter Van Hoesen returns with Seventy Secrets. It's another five-track release on his own label, Time To Express, and another serving of dependable and distinctive techno. The ambient title track starts things on an epic note with panoramic synths and frothing white noise. Four dance floor cuts follow, each impeccably detailed as they maneuver in Van Hoesen's hard-edged, high-tech style. "Protagonist" takes a patient approach across its eight-minute length, bringing together low percussive bleeps and a metallic clatter before the introduction of some sky-high pads midway through. "Shadow Ground"'s greyscale attack pushes the EP into sterner DJ-tool territory. "Drift" is a little too sparse but, thanks to its bristling bass riff and bursts of melodic synths, it still sounds like vintage Van Hoesen. But the best is saved for last. Anchored by no-nonsense 4/4 drums, "Swerve Damiao" draws on extra-long, descending elements, an almost funky staccato riff and a glissando that's sure to stand out in the mix. It's a track as classy as it is addictive.
  • Tracklist
      01. Seventy Secrets 02. Protagonist 03. Shadow Ground 04. Drift 05. Swerve Damiao