Lo Shea - Bide

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  • Never Learnt had a relatively big 2012, turning out several EPs by the likes of Nyra and Christopher Rau that established it as a reliable destination for house music that favours texture and groove over hooks and breakdowns. The label's been quieter recently, releasing just one EP in 2014. Hopefully this four-tracker from Sheffield producer and Hope Works boss Liam O'Shea means more activity in the months to come. O'Shea's non-nonsense house music is a good fit for Never Learnt, particularly the opener, "Apples," a tool-like vehicle for slowly looping keys. "Schoolin" is peppier and less tracky than its counterparts, its toms popping around at the front of the mix along with filtered voices and distant guitars. On the flip, "From The Hills" and "Take 2" are built from similar ingredients and both achieve a similarly linear quality, though if pushed, I'd say the bone-shaking subs and refracted voices of the former makes it the more memorable.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Apples A2 Schoolin B1 From The Hills" B2 Take 2