Tessela - Bottom Out

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  • On what's starting to look like an annual tradition for R&S, Tessela here follows up 2013's Nancy's Pantry and 2014's Rough 2 with another dive into murky subs, snapping percussion and the whack of heavy industry. The arc of these releases, and Russell's recent work in general, has seen him boiling his sound down into ever-sparser arrangements, and it's continued here to compelling effect. The title track sounds like tendrils of electricity skimming over water, before heavy bass curls and metallic drums overwhelm this ethereal atmosphere. Kowton's remix of "Bottom Out" finds the Livity Sound man back on pre-"Glock And Roll," drum-track form, but given the source material that's hardly surprising. A 15-second slab of bass announces the start of a rework that shears a good deal of spacey echo from the original and still manages to sound sparser. "Total Music" is more distorted and warmer, its bass whirrs and synth fragments creating interesting textures even as its buried vocal samples keep a wintery chill in the air.
  • Tracklist
      A Bottom Out B1 Bottom Out (Kowton OTT Mix) B2 Total Music